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Brown'Sugar Productions Sits Down With Tr3Taylor (Details About Upcoming "Protect" Ep & More)

Brown'Sugar Productions Sits Down With Tr3Taylor (Details About Upcoming "Protect" Ep & More)

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DMV-based hip hop artist and songwriter Crae is making waves in the music scene with his latest release, “Freestyle.”...

June 18, 2023


Tr3 Taylor and Crae come together to make a record that shines in every way on the new song “Bad Advice”...

November 26, 2022


The track appears in the line of Hip-Hop with Trance ambiences and has received a positive feedback from the public since it was presented live for the first time....

November 15, 2022


(WEAA)– Tr3 Taylor is a DMV artist who captivates his audience with thought-provoking music that is progressive...

September 28, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 3.21.37 AM.png

Maryland rapper Tr3 Taylor went live with TV host and media personality Kami Simmons, the host of Trensetta Lounge on First Class TV!

September 8, 2022


What makes this album and Taylor unique, is the fact that he is not a follower. On this 13-track album, Taylor pours out his frustrations, life revelations and...

September 8, 2022


Maryland-based musician Tr3 Taylor is back with a brand new album and mission of proving that he and a the next generation of music artists are about to take over...

August 2, 2022


Winning KYS Versus with his record ‘Petty Again’ – he and his team sat down with Bacon to talk everything about his win, the power of teamwork and more...

August 21, 2021


Formed by extremely talented artists, who aim to climb the steps of success, Tr3 Taylor is...

November 30, 2020

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